What are your rental plans?

We currently have three different rental plans:

1. 4 days: ideal for that one big event where you want to look so memorable that repeating the outfit is not an option. We recommend you set the reservation period 2-3 days before the event. It gives us your personal stylist to ensure fit and to recommend a full look for your special event.

2. 8 days: ideal for that getaway week-long trip (in a non-covid world). It gives you flexibility to get more mileage out of your rental by wearing it more than one time and to different places.

3. 4 weeks: this is the perfect option for wardrobe refresher. Too short of a winter? Rent your winter wardrobe. Summer vacation? Rent your tropical wardrobe. Ramadan coming up? No more wasteful habits. Get something new and different every month without it taking up space in your closet.

When will I receive my naz rental?

The delivery date will be on the morning of your reservation period. We will send you a reminder email a day before delivery. On the day of delivery, check your email for confirmation that your order has been shipped. Deliveries are made between 8am - 1pm throughout the week.

My naz rental arrived with the brand tags, what do I do?

Remove them and throw them away. This usually means you are the first to rent this outfit.

How do I return my naz rental?

Simply hang your rental(s) in the same hanger it came in and pack it inside the reusable garment bag it arrived in and our trusted driver will pick it up from the same address it was delivered to.

What happens if the naz rental is not ready when the naz pick up arrives?

We are happy to wait up to 15 minutes, after that we will need to reschedule a pick up. A charge of KD2 will be levied for returning the same day, and KD10 for each day it is still with you.

Please refer to our Rental Agreement.

What happens if I damage or lose my naz items?

You will not be charged more than the replacement cost. The maximum will be the retail price of the rental minus what you paid in rental fees. But please let us know as soon as it happens, if we are not informed and never receive the rental, you will be charged up to twice the retail price plus any collection fees.

Please refer to our Rental Agreement.

Do I have to clean the items before I return them?

No, we’ll handle all of that for you. We use specialist cleaners that guarantee high hygiene and cleanliness standards.

How do you take care of hygiene and sanitization of the clothing?

We get it, now more than ever, that this is a huge concern. Our cleaning partner has been in business for over 50 years and is renowned for delivering the finest dry cleaning and laundry services internationally. Various techniques are used to ensure that clothing is thoroughly cleaned, steamed and inspected for quality either through a wet or dry cleaning process. In light of COVID concerns, an additional steaming process is added twice: post-cleaning and again before delivery to ensure that all measures are taken to kill viruses and bacteria.

Are your garment bags cleaned after each use?

The garment bags go through the same quality check as the clothing. We clean and steam the garment bags to ensure that they are free of viruses and germs.

Can I keep the garment bag my naz rental came in?

Unfortunately, no. Reuse, recycle, rent and repeat. The garment bags are needed to power other customer rentals. If it is not returned, we will charge you KD10 for each garment bag.

Am I able to tailor my rental for a better fit?

We do not allow customer alterations. As soon as we have our in-house tailor, we will be more than happy to alter outfits to fit you better.

I accidentally damaged the clothes, what next?

We understand that some wear and tear is unavoidable. The service fee has an element of insurance to cover minor damages and stains. However, if damage is significant, you will be charged the retail price in accordance to our Rental Agreement.

What if I love my naz outfits so much that I want to keep them? Can I buy them?

If you can’t bear to part with your naz rental, please contact us. If it is available for purchase, we will let you know the price (and never more than what it retails for), less what you’ve already paid in rental fees.

I have a gorgeous luxury dress that I want to give to naz to be rented, can I do that?

Our team purchases brand new items directly from designers and co-purchase with our luxury retail partners, also directly from designers. In the future, to avoid having an expensive luxury outfit sitting in your closet and taking up space, please return to naz for your next big, or small, event.

Do you have a store?

We do not have a store but we are happy to have you at our offices to meet your stylist. Contact us and book your appointment with your personal stylist.

How do I get in touch with the naz team?

You can reach us via email, Whatsapp and Instagram. Please check out our contact page. We are listening.

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