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Why Rent? You ask ...

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Yes, we've all been there. It could be an unexpected reception. Perhaps an important work event. Maybe a wedding invitation. There are so many reasons to shop for new clothes, but consumers are getting smarter, more confident, and woke. And they want better options. 

Locally and Internationally, fashion rental is on the rise. As we launched, customers started to ask for everyday casualwear. Not only is it an economically smarter choice, providing new and different outfits to our closet, it is also more sustainable. Consumers are realizing that cheap, throw-away clothes are part of the culprit contributing to climate change. The textile industry creates 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 every year (McArthur Foundation), it's responsible for the consumption of huge quantities of water and 35% of microplastics in the ocean come from synthetic fibres in abandoned clothing. 

As consumers reject mindless consumption, rental provides a better way of getting novelty and variety in their closets. Investing in a core closet and adding to it for change is the ultimate boss move. Everyone needs that grey cashmere sweater, but not everyone should pay the same amount for that deconstructed mini jacket dress that is beautifully made, but will be worn once, or twice. At best. 

Do you need another reason? It's also easy. A great collection available at your fingertips couldn’t get any more convenient. And if pick up, laundry, insurance for normal wear and tear is covered… what else can you ask for?

Oh yes, one more thing. It’s fun. 


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