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Welcome to the World of Naz

I admit. I was guilty of mindless consumerism. Mindless Consumerism is the normalized act of buying for instant gratification, boredom or even “retail therapy”. The reality is, buying things left me unfulfilled and with a lot of buyer's remorse. I thought, there must be another way of accessing fashion and using it for self-expression. Was there a solution? Of course. Was it worth exploring? No doubt.

Naz is an online service that aims to elevate the experience of luxury fashion, while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint by extending the lifespan of the clothes we wear. What do you do when you have an event, but tight on time and budget? Personally, I have always borrowed clothes with my friends.  I see renting luxury fashion as an elegant solution for a lot of the woes in the current fashion landscape.

On the one hand, naz tackles the high price points of luxury items by separating access from ownership. On the other hand, it makes us appreciate the value of luxury in relation to the cost of producing it.  At naz, we’ve invested heavily in curating amazing collections for several occasions where we purchase designer clothes to stock in-season pieces. Most importantly, it’s flexible and convenient, with a chance to test the waters on a new style, trend or fashion-forward piece without the commitment. We have flexible rental plans that range from four days - which is ideal for weekend wardrobing - up to twenty-eight days. Each outfit includes delivery, pick-up laundry service and complimentary styling to pull off an evening look.

But more than anything, naz as a community gives conscious consumers a platform for activism. Anchored in the communal and collective purchasing power to access fashion in a way that is gentle and not wasteful, we believe that a mindful decision is always a good decision.

In the spirit of a beautiful coquettish girl, naz has the pride of knowing she is loved no matter what. We believe that all women deserve that. Luxury fashion has always had an aura of mystery and an exclusivity to it. This is no longer valid in this day and age. We are here to democratize luxury and make it accessible to everyone.


And to you, the reader, thank you – for having an open heart, and an open mind. Give it a chance, what do you have to lose?


Dalal’s Favorite Rentals

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  • MAryam

    Dalal is an amazing human being ❤️ And World of Naz is a brilliant concept 🔥

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