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How did it all begin?

Muneera AlRumaih: We’ve always had a raw passion for everything beauty and self-care related since we were teenagers. We experimented with products and techniques and tried taking it to the next level by adding our creative touch to them. We started glamming family members and friends and it just snowballed from there.

Aisha AlRumaih: We officially started as a small service business back in 2012 by offering simple hair styling and makeup services. Then we expanded to cover makeup for all occasions, enhancing hair extensions, semi permanent lash-lift, brow lamination and more. We always look forward to completing one’s vision of their own sense of style. Glamorous, yet effortless is what we aim for.


What is your first memory with your makeup? 

Muneera: The first memory was the most memorable, since it was glamming our first bride. She requested to do a makeup rehearsal just for fun, but then she approved it for her big day.


Share with us a makeup tip on transforming a day look into an evening look. 

Aisha: Glow more in the dark. Add some extra highlight to your checkbone and spray on a glow mist. Definitely, pump up the mascara and smudging  on a natural bronze eyeshadow on the eyelids. 

Muneera: And, don’t forget a bold liner, it never goes out of style.


Why do you rent? 

Muneera: Most days of the year you’ll find me in casual and comfy clothes. My mood is ever changing, and I don’t have much of an eveningwear wardrobe. A renting platform like Naz that offers different styles for me to choose from saves me a lot of time – and not to mention saving on the cha-ching.

Aisha: I rent because I like to experiment with a wide variety of trends and styles. I like to look different and try new trends without having to own every piece.






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