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#LifeStyle: The One with the Curls

If you have waited for the new product drop announcement on @ShopCurls on Saturday at 4pm, went online and by the time you checked out at 4.20pm just to realize that everything has been sold out …. Again!!! … then you are one of thousands of ladies using quarantine time to tend to her natural curls. With other equally fantastic websites, such as the CurlNation, the curly hair movement has taken Kuwait by a storm. Staying at home to #FlattenTheCurve has given us all good reason to take ownership of our beauty routines, whether it is Do-It-Yourself Manicure Pedicure, that 25 step (we exaggerate!) nighttime routine or slowly transitioning to natural ‘dos. Noticeably so, without all the blow-outs and heat styling, sun exposures, layers of styling products, we have seen women joyfully embracing their natural curls.

In fact, we love this conversation about beauty and authenticity. As a fashion platform, our customers tend to ask us if our curated collections are “in season”. Our answer is always: luxury is timeless. What matters is how you feel wearing it. You are most beautiful when you let your true and authentic self shine. And that you deserve to experiment with different looks until you find something that suits you, or different things to suit your different moods. The same goes for your hairstyle.  To look professional or glammed up meant you need to get hair done and twisted and styled and heated, and that is ok if it is what you want. Traditional media outlets play a big role in what it means to look a certain way and that informs our actions and ideas. If it doesn’t jive with you, ask yourself why?  pause and reflect about what you consider beautiful and how you define beauty. Having the courage to challenge ourselves and question those beauty ideals is in on itself beautiful. We give ourselves the acceptance to redefine our standards and even our language. @CurlyGirls_Kw say it best in their bio “curly is not كشة. The new wave of available curly-friendly products in the local market sure makes this transition, literally, much easier.


Apparently, this local trend is in line with a world-wide movement. Nothing like a pandemic to have even Hollywood stars to forgo the heat and styling tools on their hair and embrace their natural curls. From Tracee Ellis Ross, the daughter of legendary Dianna Ross, launching her own curly-girl brand, to Yara Shahidi flaunting her perfect curls. Women of all ages and races are refusing to be anyone but themselves. Even Ariana Grande shared a photo of her curly locks writing “get a load of dis”. Her mother, Joan Grand, loved it so much she replied “your natural hair/curls is a world of its own … a magnificent beauty inside and out/ made up or natural … I love you …”

Words of beauty … spoken from a place of love.

This is beauty. Redefined – by you, for you


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