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How did Shop Curls all begin?

“The story behind Shop Curls is very personal and has a lot to do with how society shaped us, girls, into looking a certain way. I’m pretty sure a lot of girls can relate to this growing up, we, curly haired girls, are used to hearing the words “مشطي كشتج “ which results in bad feelings towards our natural, textured hair. I’ve been blowdrying and straightening my hair since middle school. Sadly, I had a bad experience with a keratin treatment where the hairstylist actually did a permanent Japanese relaxer on me. Long story short, my hair was completely straight but the new hair growth was super curly. I spent five years of my university years growing it out. After graduation, I realized I can’t go on for the rest of my life worrying about getting my hair done. I made a promise with myself to embrace this gift from god – my curls.

“After quitting heat, I slowly started seeing more curls come back. I lived abroad for a year where I was introduced to many curly hair brands, started all my research and testing out products. I understood my curls more and worked on finally wearing them healthy. I was amazed. My hair never looked this curly. I got compliments about my hair all the time and I slowly started getting more and more confident about it. Then I started helping out friends and family who lost their curls from a similar experience, and all had great results. All this inspired me to turn my passion into a business.”


Like your followers, we're dying to know - what's your curly hair-care routine?

"The interesting thing with curly hair is that you can’t have just one routine and expect it to work every single time. Listening to your hair and identifying what it currently needs is very important. My typical routine is as follows:


Talk to us about the importance of clean ingredients in hair products.

“Using hair products with clean ingredients is just as important as using clean skincare and consuming healthy food. Clean ingredients help fully nourish and enhance the natural texture and pattern of the hair instead of just coating the hair to make it look a certain way.”


Why do you rent? 

“Renting is a great way to wear an outfit without fully committing to it. There were many times where I had to buy something that I wasn’t in love with, but simply needed for a last-minute social obligation. Renting would’ve removed that feeling of guilt or even regret from purchasing pieces that I never wore again. What I love about Naz is the option of buying an item if I enjoyed renting it, which helps me be sure about my purchase before investing in it.”


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    LoooooVe this article and loved meeting Badriah through Naz News

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