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#GameChanger: The Print Renaissance

 Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

“I’m a Kuwaiti multidisciplinary creative. I’m currently based between Kuwait and London, where I study Fashion Communications at Central Saint Martins. When I’m not in class, I’m working on 3asal – my magazine and passion project.”

Talk to us about 3asal, and why did you decide to launch it as a print magazine? 

“I think print is shifting to a place where smaller publications are replacing the bigger, household name magazines. People are looking for authentic narratives represented by real people. Independent publications are running print now because people appreciate beautifully made things. Frank Ocean made a sort of magazine/art book when he released Blonde a few years ago. Just one issue. It’s one of the favorite things that I own, and I always go back to it just because it is so beautiful and personal. I wanted that for 3asal. I think the physicality of the issue is also a really powerful tool for girls to refer back to at the low points of navigating our identities. When something’s in your hand versus on a screen, you know it’s real. It’s not going to disappear into an algorithm and flee your consciousness when it’s in your physical realm.”

What projects have you worked on that you are most proud of so far?

“3asal is definitely my number one. It’s my dream project, and a complete labor of love. I’m also really proud of being Nike Women ambassador, part of their ‘Believe in More’ campaign a few years ago. Right now, I’m just enjoying experimenting with different visual styles and approaches and growing as a creative.”

How would you describe your personal style, and how do you see it weave throughout the different aesthetically driven areas in your life?

“I would describe my style as super experimental and ever evolving, as well as a little theatrical. My clothes allow me to dress up as different characters depending on my mood. Right now, I’m really into eighties and early nighties fashion and vintage pieces from that era. My closet is filled with color and texture and interesting shapes. I gravitate towards novelty and things that interest or excite me in all areas of my life, and my clothes are a sentiment to that.”

Taiba Al Nasser Edgy

Why do you rent? 

“After getting educated on the environmental damages of fashion, seeking sustainable alternatives was the next step for me, and that’s where renting comes in. I replaced fast fashion’s buy-wear-once-throw away cycle with renting and second-hand shopping to ensure the lives of the garments I wear are maximized. To me, renting means having endless options without the environmental or financial burden.”








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