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#GameChanger: Sustainable Staples

Talk to us about your background and what you do.

 “My interest in fashion began around 2008 when I started a blog called Highstreetq8, where I featured photographs of fashion looks worn by people around me. I love the idea of cultivating personal style and what makes someone present themselves to the world in a specific way. From there, I transitioned my career from film and television production to ultimately becoming a fashion director buying in Paris and Milan from some of the most luxurious and exclusive fashion houses of the world - from Alaïa and Alexander McQueen to The Row, Loewe and Dries Van Noten.”


Was there a specific moment that inspired you to create Dear Nin?

 “Yes, absolutely! One summer, I had an insane itinerary lined up, which included several weddings, business trips and a family trip, And, all my outfits for the month had to be sandwiched into one suitcase - due to travel restrictions. I really didn’t like the idea of packing my designer resort wear pieces, as the summer took me to several different venues including a very hostel style surf camp! Also, I haven’t shopped high street for anything in a while, so I didn’t have that option either. I thought, hey, let me design my own summer wardrobe, and, that was it! Season 1 was based on everything I packed in that suitcase. Light weight versatile pieces that didn’t wrinkle, weren’t über expensive, but still felt special and unique enough to feature on any Instagram grid without feeling contrite. I used the tops from my two piece set with shorts for sunset chill sessions in Cascais, then dressed them up as a set with heels to a wedding dinner in Greece, then again with an Acne leather jacket and tailored pants for fancy dinners in London.”



Give us a 101 on Dear Nin's sustainability practices.

 We are first and foremost direct to consumer. Although our quality is high, our prices are competitive, which means we can afford to bring people ethically sourced. Secondly, design and materials play a role in our sustainable practices. We use linen and Tencel, both which rate high in terms of eco materials. However, we stay away from cotton until we can find a proper organic source. We pay everyone we work with above market prices and our master cutters and seamstresses can work from home – we started this during the pandemic and will continue to do so. We are a pre-order only brand meaning we hold onto zero inventory. Zero inventory equals zero waste. 


Why do you rent?

 “It’s incredibly convenient for me. I rented for my brother’s engagement party because I knew that dress would probably never be worn again. I really preferred to rent than spend money on an item that would end up sitting in my closet for years. I have the pictures to remind me of the day. I don’t need the physical garment.”




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