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#GameChanger: Sustainable Seams

How did Hind all begin?


“When looking for quality, handcrafted clothing, it wasn’t easy to find items in Kuwait that ticked all the boxes. To a certain extent, we don’t always have access to designers and products that are focused on values like sustainability, hand craftsmanship and versatility. This was a problem as we found ourselves over the years watching our fast-fashion clothes wear out after a certain number of washes, as well as wanting a closet that helped us feel confident without having to replace it every season. Why should we have to keep buying over and over again instead of enjoying our closet as long as possible? And so, HIND began. 


Give us a breakdown on Hind’s sustainability practices.


“HIND curates collections like many multi-brand retailers. We are different in that our labels are focused on craftsmanship – particularly handmade clothing. For us, our priority is to look at how the labels we stock design and manufacture their clothing, rather than their expected sales volume and whether they are in-trend at the moment. We don’t define the products as sustainable on our website if the products are not crafted fabrics they have made themselves.”




How would you describe the range of brands that you offer?


“They are brands we love. You can walk into our closet and see something from every one of our partners, as we are our own customers. In the beginning, HIND started with brands that were only based out of India, as it's quite easy to find labels that make their clothing by hand.. Now though, we are including brands from Italy, Australia, the US and more as we expand our portfolio. We are introducing accessories that have been made from upcycled and precious paper. They are absolutely stunning, and light. All made by hand from a genius artisan based out of Italy. We are also introducing one of our most eco-friendly brands, an underwear brand based in Australia that makes all of their pieces out of bamboo, and by hand.”


Why do you rent?


“As much as we can try and build a versatile closet as much as possible, there are always going to be needs that can’t be covered by our current wardrobe. That’s life. That doesn’t mean we should pay for a dress that might only be worn once before it goes into storage for a few more years. Renting from Naz is a great way to fill out those gaps in our closet without having to feel guilty or have to go hunting through our friends and family member’s wardrobes. For example, formal events like weddings, proms, or even that really important job interview, being able to rent something helps reduce our waste as well as live a simpler life through owning a slimmed down wardrobe.”




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